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SARBS offers wider range of IT products such as VRLA Battery with brand name VISION.

Solutions - supply whole energy storage solution for customers on solar and wind field. The solution system is made up with an equipment by which it can generate electricity with photovoltaic (PV)

Specially developed and launched Battery remote supervisory controlling system and GPS anti-theft system for tracing the battery and collecting the information of the battery.

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Vision VRLA Battery CG2-600

Vision VRLA Battery

Vision Group has one of the most extensive product ranges in the industry. With one of the largest and most qualified Research and Development teams among VRLA manufacturers and many years of experience in the development of new products to meet customer needs, Vision has created the largest variety of models and chemistries. This unique advantage allows Vision Group to provide its customers with the best solution for any application they may have by offering a model that optimizes cost, performance, weight, and size to meet or exceed their needs.

Vision VRLA Battery CG2-500

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VISION Gel series battery is manufactured with special separator and colloidal or foamed silica. The batteries use silica gel to immobilize the electrolyte inside the battery. The proven silica gel technology improves battery cycle life and performance at cold ambient temperatures. The deep discharge cycles is increased by 50% as compared with the AGM battery.

Vision Lithium ion Battery

Vision Lithium ion battery

Lithium technology has been so effective in powering up small and portable electronics that it has edged out nickel-cadmium because of its many benefits

Various Products

SARBS offers wider range of IT products such as hardware, genuine software, printers, LCD monitor, networking and other accessories including major brand i.e. Microsoft, Intel, Kingston, LG, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, View Sonic, Western Digital, Hewlett Packard, etc.